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The safety of our personnel and of the local communities at large, and the integrity of our operations, are essential values for us, and fundamental to guarantee a sustainable operating environment.
Leadership in health & safety

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Protecting the health and safety of our personnel and assets starts with the construction of a strong culture, shared by every person in the Group.
At Saipem, this goal is pursued every year through the Leadership in Health & Safety (LiHS) programme: launched more than ten years ago, this initiative serves to spread safe behaviour, focusing on the development of leadership at all levels. Between 2017 and 2018, the programme was the framework within which we involved the Top Management and Business Divisions in drawing up a new Health & Safety Vision, the document that encourages sharing, regardless of the position held, of knowledge and skills on the subject of health and safety, strengthening the commitment to provide a safe, healthy workplace for everyone.

Our approach to the promotion of health and safety principles is at the same time top down and bottom up: we not only provide our managers with incentives to explore innovative tools and ideas and become, themselves, sources of inspiration for others, but we encourage our workers to help us understand the real health and safety needs in their daily lives, in order to implement effective strategies and improve the relative regulations. Workshops, events, contests and awareness campaigns integrate and complete the initiatives, and the methods applied to build a context of health and safety at Saipem.

The Leadership in Health & Safety (LiHS) programme

Among the many awareness campaigns on the subject of health and safety launched over the years, the Leadership in Health & Safety initiative has been an important success. The programme, which reached its eleventh year of implementation in 2018, serves to accelerate cultural change on the subject of safety and to reduce accidents and injuries, particularly in two areas of action: the spread of safe behaviours and the reinforcement of the company culture on the subject of health and safety.
The programme is based on a cascading approach and organised in stages:

  • LiHS Workshop: intended for all managerial levels, the workshop serves to strengthen awareness and provide people with the tools for the application and promotion of proper conduct with a view to ensuring a solid, long-lasting cultural change;
  • Cascading events: meetings that serve to increase the incentives for cultural change in matters of safety within the organisation, shining a spotlight on the concrete commitment of the managers;
  • Five Stars Training: intended for the operating positions, the workshop serves to encourage effective actions through the use of a simple, practical tool for communication in situations of both safety and danger;
  • Leading Behaviours: impact and structured method based on five "non negotiable" and “transferable” types of conduct, developed on the basis of the work experience of the HSE group and operating management, to apply in situations of danger in a particular setting.
  • Choose Life: wworkshop serving to encourage workers to make “positive choices” when it comes to their health.
Asset integrity

As we see it, the security of our assets is not merely a fundamental value of our organisational culture but a business need: in recent years, thanks to technological innovations, the complexity of our operations has increased and, consequently, management of the integrity of the personnel, the environment and assets becomes ever more crucial. For this reason, we are actively engaged in monitoring all the risks that could occur and generate emergencies or major accidents (Major Accident Events - MAE) in order to prevent or reduce them to a minimum.

One of the main tools developed for that purpose is our HSE Case, thanks to which we can map the most significant risks in activities and identify all the key elements necessary to control them. The tool, created for our offshore production and drilling divisions, in recent years has been extended to the offshore construction fleet too. We have also established local crisis units and a Corporate Crisis Committee to guarantee prompt and coordinated management of possible emergencies.

The Saipem Offshore Construction Vessel Integrity Management Model

To reduce operational risks linked to the vessels in our fleet, we have developed a model for the management of their entire life cycle. It is based on a detailed process of risk assessment in the design stage of the parts, as well as periodical overhauls and maintenance, so as to identify the best strategies to employ to prevent them.

The Competence Assurance & Assessment programme

We consider technical competence an essential element of our asset integrity strategy. We have therefore structured a programme focused on the improvement of training programmes on the subject of safety and the management of complex operations, in order to highlight and correct any weak points. Initially applied in our Drilling projects in Saudi Arabia, it now extends to all our personnel and that of our subcontractors in Kazakhstan, Kuwait and Nigeria.

Our certifications

The safety of personnel and assets is constantly monitored and guaranteed through an integrated health, safety and environment management system that satisfies the main international standards and laws in force. Since 2017 we have extended our OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 certifications to all the most significant enterprises in the Group.

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Leadership in health & safety
Asset integrity
Our certifications
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