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At Saipem, we believe that a responsible, competitive business should be built on principles of transparency, integrity and ethics, and on the continuous commitment to the search for innovative solutions.


We are a responsible Group and we carry out every aspect of our business in full respect of local, national and international regulations and laws. By the same token, we ask not only our own personnel, but all the stakeholders with whom we collaborate to respect the values contained in our Code of Ethics.

The first step in the construction of a culture of transparency and respect for the rules starts with structuring a system of corporate governance in line with the international best practices, capable of effectively transmitting, from the top down, the principles and values of integrity, ethics and fairness that characterise the Group’s operations worldwide.

Having provided solid foundations for the business, innovation is what enables us to be competitive as well as attentive to the important global challenges, particularly from the environmental standpoint.

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