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Our personnel are a fundamental resource and a key element to ensure lasting competitive success and sustainable growth in the long term.

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Attracting, training and retaining the finest talent is fundamental in a demanding, competitive industry like ours, where professionalism, reliability and competence are the reference points for all our activities. This goal also involves aspects that are not strictly professional, such as health and wellbeing: that is why we have always had a strong commitment to the promotion of welfare measures affecting the personal protection of our workers. Moreover, the same commitment that we guarantee to Saipem employees in terms of growth and wellbeing is also devoted to the local population in the areas where we operate.

The development of knowledge & competence

The development of knowledge and professional competence is central to our vision of lasting, competitive success. Through dedicated training projects and the promotion of a culture oriented toward the sharing of know-how, we take steps to provide our personnel with the necessary tools to respond to the evolution of the context in which we operate.

A reference for that approach is our Leadership Model, designed to guide the conduct and knowledge of all the employees of the Group according to six basic premises: People, Vision, Communication, Decision making, Knowledge, Integrity.

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Training man-hours
Attraction & development of talent

In a view of sustainable growth, we are committed to attracting future talent through initiatives developed in collaboration with high schools and universities, as well as through graduation programmes focused on the recruitment of graduate students and fresh graduates in specific internship programmes.

Candidates have been evaluated in our Graduation programme
Discover the Sinergia programme

Based on our collaboration with high schools, the programme aims to provide a stronger alignment between technical knowledge and operating skills in Saipem’s activity, through training courses, summer camps and brief internships.

The main initiatives implemented include:

  • a course in two schools in Tortoli, with classroom lessons and practical training in the field on technical matters at the Arbatax plant;
  • an arrangement with the mechanical studies programme at the Marconi Institute in Piacenza for a three-year school-work alternation programme in the drilling sector.

We also place particular emphasis on exchanges of knowledge and skills among resources, through targeted collaboration programmes.

Specialised skills and their transfer to others is an essential aspect of the business, due to the highly technical nature of our activities. We have created many internal projects that serve to identify the most significant skills for the business and encourage their intergenerational exchange, such as:

  • Reverse Mentoring (SEED), a programme for the sharing of digital, technical, managerial and behavioural skills between people of different seniority in a view of reciprocal exchange;
  • Succession plans, a process of strategic planning and training of personnel for roles based on the skills necessary for the future growth of the business.
Strategic positions studied
Internal candidates involved in Succession Plans
Diversity & inclusion

We feel that diversity is a value that should be defended and promoted within every organisation. We actively support an inclusive culture, based on participation and communication between genders, ages and cultures, and we are committed to guaranteeing equal opportunities to all our workers.
In line with this value, we promote specific policies for the development of the local communities, providing job opportunities and training courses, in a concrete example of how we operate in an inclusive and sustainable way.

Nationalities represented among Saipem employees
Health & wellbeing

In order to effectively safeguard the health and psycho-physical wellbeing of our personnel, we have implemented strategies for the prevention of the most significant health risks and we encourage healthy behaviour among our workers, in the workplace and in their private lives. In particular, we stress the risks of cardiovascular diseases, considered the most significant in workplaces.

We also undertake to heighten their awareness and promote health in sensitive areas. For example, we have developed the Malaria Control Programme, which serves for prevention and monitoring on the subject of malaria in our worksites and among the communities exposed to the disease in countries where there is a malaria risk.

The development of
knowledge & competence
Attraction & development
of talent
Diversity & inclusion
Health & wellbeing
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