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Towards the energy transition



On the mainland we are the right partner to ensure the success of projects thanks to innovative and original solutions.

Our onshore activities span the globe. There isn’t a single continent on which Saipem doesn’t operate, no matter how forbidding and difficult the terrain, how challenging the project, how limited the time scale and regardless of the technical requirements or environmental conditions. At Saipem we do everything we need to ensure our clients excel.
We have worked for all the major public and private players in the oil & gas, energy, chemicals and infrastructure sectors. In any situation, we always strive to meet the highest health, safety and environmental standards by collaborating with local stakeholders and paying particular attention to sustainability and development in the communities where we operate.

We guarantee the quality of our Made-in-Italy work which integrates our history, skills and high engineering and technological standards. Our partners also respect high levels of quality according to our guidelines and observe our organisation’s chain of values.

We started building our reputation as the ideal partner for all types of onshore projects the day the company was founded. In the early 1960s we were already working in Europe, South America and Asia.

A key role in any pipeline laying project is played by the yards where manufacturing, metal working, welding and quality analysis activities are carried out, along with the procurement of the materials needed for the project.
In addition to our experience in traditional oil & gas projects, we are also ready to pursue projects in the high-tech liquid natural gas market, as well as contribute valuable technical expertise to projects focused on the manufacture of fertilizers, petrochemical products, refining operations and all types of energy production.


The near future of energy

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) technology transforms methane gas into liquid form by cooling it to 162 degrees below zero, allowing the methane to be transported 600 times less in volume than it originally had. The liquefaction process takes place in plants characterized by a high technological content and the LNG transportation requires the use of ships capable of ensuring the safety and stability of the liquefied methane at 162 degrees below zero; the LNG is then brought back into its gaseous status through regasification plants built in the importing Countries, and then feed it into the distribution pipelines to serve the end users.

Saipem has nearly 50 years of experience in building LNG plants and infrastructures worldwide and providing LNG transport ship technologies.

Today Saipem is a technology leader in LNG and in gas monetization, ready to offer advanced solutions even in the most challenging LNG projects.



Through deserts, mountains and the middle of the jungle

The challenges of modern pipeline projects lie in the type of terrain and the distances to be covered, as well as environmental and aesthetic factors and safety conditions.

We are ready to tackle anything. We implement decades of experience, combined with strategic acquisitions, the use of cutting-edge technology and strategic planning to make sure our projects have the safest, least visible and most reliable pipelines in the world.

Our impressive portfolio of onshore pipeline laying projects includes some of the most ambitious ever built in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe.

We always take into account environmental factors, both during the low-impact construction phase and later, when methodical and precise restorations return the landscape to its original appearance.

Furthermore, in seismic areas we use a special patented design and particular construction systems to guarantee the integrity of pipelines even during an earthquake.



Increase efficiency, enhance performance

In gas to liquid projects, we work with clients to propose solutions to their needs: on a large or small scale, onshore or offshore, upgrading obsolete structures or starting from scratch.

Our solid experience in the complex liquefied natural gas (LNG) sector makes it possible to realise liquefied ethane, propane, butane, isobutane or pentane production projects which are cheaper and more efficient and meet the most demanding standards. Our patented “Liqueflex” process makes these projects safer and more adaptable than ever before.

The liquefied natural gas that we help to produce is used in many sectors and all over the world, both as an energy source for on-site petrochemical plants and for heating, cooking, small-scale lighting or mixed in automotive fuel.



Work the oil, reduce the waste

The oil & gas business would be almost useless if the raw materials extracted from the ground could not be refined and turned into fuel and other materials, including the valorization of by-products that might have been discarded in the past.

Over its 60 years history, the constituent companies of Saipem have designed and built around 40 grass roots refineries as well as hundreds of refining units and complex, in almost every geography

Even though basic refining technologies have not changed much in recent decades, at Saipem we never stop looking for solutions to make the process more effective, safer, faster and more environmentally friendly.

Among our most interesting innovations, Eni Slurry Technology, or EST (ENI’s proprietary technology), completely converts refinery residues, such as heavy oils and bitumen into high quality “light” products, drastically reducing liquid and solid refinery residues such as fuel oil or petroleum coke. The process is based on the hydroconversion of heavy loads using a nano-dispersed catalyst to convert bottom-of-the-barrel residues into useful products, creating new sources of fuel and reducing waste.



Experience focused on efficiency

We have always worked in the petrochemical sector.

We started out in Italy in the 1960s and went on to become a world leader, without ever losing sight of our commitment to the sector.

In over half a century of experience we have built around 200 petrochemical plants for the production of olefins, polyolefins and diolefins; polymers and elastomers; high-octane compounds for mixing with petrol; basic intermediate chemical products and the main intermediates used in the production of detergents.

We offer clients a complete service from design to technical assistance services throughout the entire life cycle of the plant using all the latest technological solutions to reduce times and costs and increase profitability.

With careful planning and the correct use of technologies we are able to keep the environmental impact under control and reduce it.



We contribute to the development of farm land throughout world

Our work at Saipem allows us to supply farmers around the world with long duration nitrogen-based fertilizers that improve crop yields at low costs.

Over the years we have grown to the point where we now contribute to about one fifth of the global production of urea fertilisers - which are the most widely used in the world - thanks to our patented system (UREA) which has become one of the most widely used systems for commercial production.

Urea fertilisers play a key role in maximising production in a cost-effective way. This is why we have continually perfected and modernised the production process to offer our clients new and increasingly more efficient solutions.

In addition to making agricultural farming more productive, our next challenge is to build plants that have zero emissions and zero pollution.
This success story includes more than 170 projects in 37 different countries.



A new energetic future

We are among the pioneers in energy development and large-scale gasification, a technologically advanced and sustainable process that converts residue fossil fuels, heated to very high and controlled temperatures, into energy.
The end result is syngas, a form of synthetically produced gas that can be used as sustainable energy.

We are the leading players in this sector, as can be seen in our Jazan Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle project in Saudi Arabia. An ambitious project, aimed at generating energy in an efficient and sustainable way with the construction of the world’s largest gas-fired power station able to meet the country’s electricity needs.

This is another market segment in which Saipem is constantly facing new challenges, expanding the energy frontiers in a cost-effective, forward-looking and sustainable way.



Oil & gas production is where our story began

Saipem was founded over 60 years ago as a contractor for the oil & gas industry. And while we look at different markets and opportunities, oil & gas are still a major part of our story.

In this sector we are able to offer tailor-made solutions that cover every aspect of a project, even the most complex, with high technological and competitive standards. We are operational from the early stages of project engineering and design, right through to maintenance and sustainable decommissioning.

Oil pipelines, gas pipelines, drilling and construction. Since 1957, in every phase of our history, we have been developing innovative skills, both for small-scale activities and for mega-projects in the most difficult areas of the world.

With over 80 patents in the sector we respond to design requirements and clients’ needs with innovative solutions.



Operating in the sea as on land

Floating structures are designed to give our clients the same safety at sea as our onshore projects.
Floaters are a remarkable example of the innovative approach that underlies Saipem - facilitating the production, storage and offloading of oil & gas in a single solution.
Our Floaters provide clients with new solutions for the oil & gas industry by offering a complete model. A process that includes the full range of assistance for floating structures, including engineering, procurement, manufacturing and integration services in high seas, offshore connections and commissioning, operational and maintenance programmes.

We do this by relying on two powerful resources: a wide range of engineering resources and the construction capacity of our yards.

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