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In the middle of the sea, the right partner for those wanting to realise challenging and spectacular projects



For decades Saipem has been a world leader in the design and construction of offshore installations, of any size, up to the largest in the world, such as fixed and mobile platforms, seabed hydrocarbon extraction control systems and subsea hydrocarbon transportation pipelines.

Our growth in the sector has been possible thanks to our strategy of acquiring other companies of excellence in the offshore sector, such as Bouygues, which is why our competent division is based in Saint Quentin en Yvelines in France, and also to the continuous technological innovation that makes us already capable of developing fields at the bottom of the sea (at depths of over 3000 meters) with our own subsea robotics developed mainly in our centre in Marghera.

Working side by side with our clients we are an essential partner in every stage of development of their projects: from process and structural engineering to logistics planning, from procurement to plant construction, from maintenance, modification and operation activities (better known as MMO) to decommissioning.
And we are always working to increase our extraordinary abilities and our global presence.


Deep water development, incredible results

With increases in the world energy demand and the affirmation of environmental awareness, the frontier for energy exploration has shifted from the mainland to the sea. In recent years the frontier has become even more challenging, from surface operations to the seabed, where complex subsea transportation systems are used to move extracted fuel to refineries so it can be put into use.

Our many years’ experience in the sector of “subsea activities”, with projects that have entailed a radical redefinition of traditional structures, have led us to develop revolutionary technology for the production, treatment and transportation of hydrocarbons on the seabed.

At Saipem, we are proud of our history as operators working even in the most difficult contexts - and few contexts are as difficult as performing operations on the ocean floor, but that is what we do, responding to our clients’ needs and respecting marine ecosystems, even the very deepest. Offshore platforms are disappearing and operations are moving to the bottom of the sea.
As in the novel “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas” byJules Verne, life comes alive at the bottom of the sea.



A network of “high-tech veins” in the depths of the sea

As a “circulatory system” of an offshore oil & gas extraction project, subsea pipelines play an essential role in the transportation of hydrocarbons. Saipem has the know-how, technologies, capabilities and people to construct pipelines under the sea in an efficient and precise way, checking that these “high-tech veins” respect the environment and the safety of operators during operation. So true is this statement that we have invented and implemented for the major oil companies, the technological tool that will make the recurrence of environmental disasters (OIE) caused by hydrocarbon spills impossible.

A special mention should be given to our traditional S-Lay method for laying pipes from a horizontal position on the surface of the vessel and our cutting-edge J-Lay installation method, which makes it possible to lay pipelines in a vertical position, so that networks of pipelines can be developed which are quicker, safer and more efficient than ever before.

After all, we have been global leaders in developing pipeline projects for six decades, with unique insights into bringing hydrocarbons to the surface. So far we have laid over 30,000 kilometres of subsea pipelines, even in the deepest and most difficult seas, and we see no goal as unachievable.



Offshore platforms, a project springboard

For many offshore projects, a fixed platform is the starting point, the basis for each subsequent step. In Saipem, the construction of fixed platforms is one of our distinctive activities.

We built our first offshore installation in 1957, the same year the company was born, and since then we have built almost 100 major offshore projects in over 60 countries, for a total of almost 3 million tons of installed facilities, often in some of the most challenging contexts in the world.

The oldest of our “islands in the middle of the sea” to this day have such an exceptional functionality and efficiency as to astonish the experts. The innovation embedded in Saipem’s DNA drives us to constantly strive to improve the offshore platform design and construction process through the use of more sustainable methods and construction materials with low environmental impact and of greater size and functionality.

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