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Drilling activities are part of Saipem’s DNA. Let's not forget that Saipem is synonymous with drilling. The company has been operating in the sector since its inception. Over the years, we have gone on to perfect our skills and technologies. Our customers include not only the world’s largest oil companies, but also the different state giants in the oil&gas sector.

In this sector too Saipem guarantees high standards of reliability, flexibility and safety. It has never forgotten the importance of innovation and innovating itself, in compliance with the specific requirements of every customer. Whilst always keeping to the guiding principle, i.e. “safety first” for every action.



The first offshore activity dates back to 1959, off the coast of Gela, in Sicily. Since then Saipem, with its own fleet, that currently consists of vessels with different technological characteristics, has sailed different seas, reaching surprising and never before achieved depths.



Onshore, Saipem operates in the most diverse of geographical settings. Currently, its 85 plants are mainly located in the Middle East and South America. The company’s intention is to open up to new geographical areas and to explore the unconventional activities and geothermal sectors.

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