Decommissioning: we leave no traces


Here at Saipem, we pride ourselves on offering services across the whole life-cycle of the project, -- and that includes important final steps subsequent to its conclusion.

When it comes to decommissioning we add value to a project through our troubleshooting, managing emergencies and our flexibility. Moreover, we use local personnel and optimize processes, using the experience gained with integrated engineering, project management, and project execution that give us top results with other phases in a project’s life.

Since 1995, we have completed at more than 30 major decommissioning projects including projects in Angola, Brazil, Congo, Egypt, Italy, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Qatar, Russia, Scotland, Suriname, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates.

In the BP Miller project in Scotland, we achieved minimized environmental impacts from the decommissioning of the BP Miller platform, recycling as much as 97 percent of the equipment. We manage these kinds of extraordinary results thanks to partnerships along with our skills that include logistical capabilities that allow us to efficiently close down projects for projects of all sizes and in nearly any context.