Innovation is fundamental to our success. It allows us to improve operating performance, increase efficiency and reduce environmental impact.
67 mln €
Invested globally in innovation
People in Saipem working in R&D activities in 2018
Technology innovation Centres

Innovation, the cornerstone of our strategic plan

Our innovation strategy is both short-term — guided by projects and the demands of the Oil&Gas industry — and medium to long-term to meet changing scenarios.

Patents as of 31 December 2018
New patent applications submitted in 2018
33 mln €
Invested in R&D in 2018

We have outlined three guidelines:

Technological innovation
find innovative solutions to improve our operating performance and reduce environmental impact.

Transformative innovation
change processes and our way of doing business to improve our productivity and become more receptive to the “ecosystem”, also as a way of taking advantage of digitalisation technologies.

Intelligence technology
investigate new technologies, both inside and outside the Oil&Gas industry, to identify emerging disruptive technologies.

The Innovation Factory

We have always been able to depend on a grass-roots network to constantly feed our innovation process, including through cooperation with academia and research centres.

And we have done even more, launching two years ago the Innovation Factory, an in-house incubator for ideas and prototype laboratory. It brings together a team of innovative thinkers selected from among our employees on the basis of their ability to think across-the-board, and their creative problem-solving, entrepreneurial and collaborative capabilities.

The Innovation Factory focuses on concrete solutions and developing ground-breaking answers to sector challenges. The goal is not only to boost efficiency and productivity, but also discover and pursue new value propositions.

Innovation for sustainability

We are increasingly more active in renewable technologies that contribute to the decarbonisation of the economy, a process in which we are keen to play an important role. Our ambition is for green energy, together with gas, to represent 50-60% of the group’s portfolio in 10 years’ time.
Offshore wind energy
We lead the way in the development of offshore wind farms. In 2017 we achieved a record, by successfully installing the world’s first ever floating wind farm, the Hywind Scotland project for Statoil, which was a real technological tour de force for our crane vessel Saipem 7000. At the moment, we are studying various innovative solutions for advanced wind farms, developing specific technologies for equipping our vessels so as to reduce the costs of the operations.
We have filed a patent application for a floating solar park concept developed by our Norwegian subsidiary, Moss Maritime. With regard to onshore solar projects, we are investing in Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technology, especially in Australia.
In July 2018, we signed a memorandum of understanding with California Ethanol & Power for the construction of a low carbon emission plant designed to produce ethanol for fuel, electricity and bio-methane, from locally-grown sugar cane.
Among the emerging technologies, we are investing in the use of hydrogen as a clean energy source, produced from water using renewable energy.
Circular economy
We are developing innovative solutions for the sustainable treatment of waste and residual feedstock from the Oil&Gas industry, but also from other industries (including, in the future, plastic recycling), so that this type of waste will also be used to advantage, to produce energy or products.

Saipem’s inventions

Innovation has a key role in the evolution of our business model towards the role of “Innovative Global Solution Provider” in the sector of energy and infrastructure: it enables us to seize new opportunities, to develop, also through partnerships, technologies with the power to improve the costs and time-scales of our projects, and to offer services with a lower impact on the environment.

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