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We are a company for clever, talented people who want to contribute to carrying out challenging projects within unique contexts, offshore or on the land, in deep water or remote areas.
Take on challenges boldly and energetically!


The world
has no borders

Ours is a dynamic working environment—international and potentially without limits.

Those who come work with us also have the unique opportunity to go to our yards or platforms, o work in the engineering centres or execution centres abroad.

An extraordinary experience on a human and professional level which involves being part of multicultural teams that respect the differences of each individual while collaborating with enthusiasm towards a single goal: to complete the project.

Life at Saipem

In addition to being a company whose business activity has been highly-consolidated over the course of 60 years, and which operates on the basis of project task forces and capitalizes on its in-house know-how, Saipem also aims at fostering synergies with ecosystems of expertise outside the company.
Experimentation with new methods of working and re-examination of traditional processes in light of technological innovation that contributes to change, are two cornerstones that guide our activity at the:

  • Innovation Hub at the San Donato (MI) corporate headquarters:
    this is our incubator for innovative ideas and laboratory for rapid prototype development. It brings together the challenges of the energy sector with the goal of increasing productivity and discovering new value propositions;
  • Technology pole in Marghera:
    founded in the early ’90s, it boasts exclusive expertise in the field of subsea robotics and, specifically, in the management, monitoring and maintenance of subsea pipelines, subsea wellheads and subsea blowout preventers (BOPs).


Throughout its history, Saipem has always been aware of the needs of its people and their families. We believe that offering the means to improve the office/home life rapport is important for our company.

The Welfare Programme, which is part of our engagement policy, offers a number of services and provides concrete support to our people in managing both their work and personal commitments.
The programme is broad-ranging and comprehensive: health benefits, medical check-ups, pension plan, discounts, and summer programmes for children. In terms of leisure time, special gym memberships and discounts for travel, theme parks, cinema and shows and concerts are offered.

Do you have a high school diploma or did you recently graduate?
For young talent, we offer an opportunity to create a career outside the box. The possibility to grow, in Italy or abroad, and to contribute to the success of a corporate leader in the energy sector.
Are you a professional?
At Saipem, you can count on an environment attuned to personal and professional development, in which your commitment can make the difference. We ask that our leaders be excellent communicators, that they know how to inspire people and lead the team to achieve its goals.
Explore the opportunities
The career opportunity scenario in Saipem is extremely broad. For your information, we have prepared an overview of the different professional areas (es. Engineering, Construction, Fabrication, Commissioning, Procurement, Project Management, ICT/Financial, Cost control, Internal Audit, Staff, Legal).
Explore the positions available and how to apply for one or more of the available positions to work at Saipem in Italy or abroad.
We are always on the
look out for talent.
Look at our job openings, find out if there is one that suits you... and join Saipem!
The world
has no borders
Life at Saipem
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